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PROMOTING YOUR BOOK – Social Media Platforms

Social Media is everywhere and we now live in the world of double and triple screens. A person could be reading a website, listening to a podcast and tweeting at the same time on the same subject. Are you up for the challenge? Like a little help? Talk to Us, you’ll be glad you did.

Agents and Indie Publishers expect you to help market your book. To do that in this digital age you need a SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE.

It could be a one page website, a blog page, or something cutting edge.

Let us help you set up a social media presence, including a website with different packages depending on how much help you need. We can help get you going on WordPress or Tumblr for example or host and manage your site on our server. Prices start from as little as 50€ 

Everything’s pretty modular and transferable. Once you pick up the reins, our own involvement can taper off. Or we can stay close by, doing the tasks you cannot, or do not want to, do yourself. Often, consistency is the key to picking up followers from a blog page, even when you can’t be bothered.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is so important we have given it a heading all of its own. Basically, this is the behind the scenes endeavours that go into making sure that search engines have your details. They need data so that they can rank your website. You need it to evaluate whether to adjust and fine-tune posts and pages to improve hits. It can sound a bit technical but is based on sound foundations:

  • Keep your content unique and of value to those surfing your site.
  • Link both externally and within the site itself.
  • Earn links from other sites.

Whatever your aims, we want your efforts to succeed. After all, we’re writers, too.

You don’t need to overcomplicate this: Anyone engaging with your social media platform, be it website, blog page, video stream or podcast, should be so drawn to your content that they follow you, and download your digital book or order your printed book online. Better still they can ALSO ‘share’. This means an online word of mouth recommendation.

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