Copy Editing

A meeting of the board of directors at publishing house Faber & Faber

What is Copy Editing?

A copy edit is a thorough review of your manuscript to correct errors, and identify and fix confusing sentences or paragraphs. It’s a line-by-line tidy-up of your draft. The kind of questions addressed here include:

  • Is the meaning of the sentence clear?
  • Can the paragraph be expressed more concisely or more clearly?
  • Are sentences too long, too short or too complicated?
  • Does the text or narrative flow well, or are there transitions missing?

Copy editing is a very labour intensive process that demands far more effort and concentration than a simple read through. As such, it is charged at a higher rate than manuscript assessment or proofreading.

We will generally make corrections to the manuscript unless there is any ambiguity or uncertainty, in which case we will make suggestions to the author. A corrected manuscript will be returned to the author, with additional suggestions and comments in the margin.

Join us online or in person. It's free. We meet 6.30 - 8.30 pm the second Thursday of the month at Las Camelias Hotel, Torreguadiaro, 11310 From September to June.